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          Remanufacture, Retrofit, Redesign Industrial Machine Tools
Many of our customers are from the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Machine Tool Industries.  
They are from many different industries.  They range in size from large corporations with thousands of employees to a small Tool Grinding Shop with one man.   They may only have one Cincinnati Tool & Cutter Grinder or they could have more than forty of them.  Often times a customer comes to us to help their customers find a quality Tool & Cutter Grinder.

Here is what our customers have told us:

''My dealings with Triple R Systems has been one of the most trouble free encounters of my 40 year machine tool career. They have supplied us with the manpower and expertise to remanufacture a Monoset Cutter Grinder to OEM specifications. They are a NO HASSLE facility and ACCOMPLISH WHAT THEY SAY, in an ON TIME, manner. I have dealt with many remanufacture/retrofit company's in my career, and would highly recommend Triple R Systems AS "THE Premier" cutter grinder remanufacturer facility in this country.''
Bruce Duncan,  OEM Machine Tool Builder   

In you last message, you inquired if we were 'happy' with the repair of our Monoset grinder?  Yes we are !   We're very impressed with the results, and, we've have been using it just about around the clock on all of our three shifts. Its 'tight', accurate at all the readings, tolerances, and, the new scales are performing very well. Your workmanship is excellent. Thank you for your service.

Texas Company

'Triple R Systems, Inc.  Well Done, the Cincinnati Monoset you totally refurbished for us is better than new.  I see fine American Craftsmanship is alive and well in  Minnesota.  Again, Well Done.''

Bob Nicoli, Will-Mor Engineering
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