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          Remanufacture, Retrofit, Redesign Industrial Machine Tools

Triple R Systems, Inc. remanufactures the CINCINNATI MILACRON MONOSET  CUTTER & TOOL GRINDER machine for sale.  

       Z E R O   D O W N T I M E !     Does your Monoset  industrial grinder need rebuilding, but your workload won't let you turn it off?  
Our Monoset Cutter & Tool Grinder trade-in discount program can ELIMINATE YOUR DOWNTIME.  
Send your Monoset trade in AFTER receiving your Remanufactured Monoset Tool and Cutter grinder!

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Disassembled Monoset

   Monoset Remanufacture Program
Row of Monosets
Our Remanufactured Monosets are completely disassembled

Our Remanufactured Monosets
completely disassembled.  
Row of Monoset Slides
-Recondition turntable bearing & clamp

-Machine, scrape, & align wheelhead stack

-Machine, scrape & align workhead stack

-Slides are fitted with Turcite way material

-Refit sine bar & adjust to minimize backlash

-Recondition and purge Bijur one-shot lubrication system

-Replace worn roller curtain way protectors

-Relace all wheelhead stack, leadscrews & nuts

-Replace workhead leadscrews & nuts

-Replace bearings in workhead & wheelhead spindle

-Recondition workhead brake & locking mechanism

-Recondition rear indexing mechanism

-Recondition wheelhead drive motor

-Machine is test run to Factory Tolerances

 Before and After Pictures of Slides
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